Things They Know

They know that HR can be more strategic. They know it’s hard to get the support of the business. They know the pain of multiple systems, bad processes, and poor communication. They know that the problem is not always the technology. You know there is a better way. And They know how to help you find it. With expertise across HR and talent management, Knowledge Infusion knows:

Core HR

A cornerstone of a solid HR organization is its master workforce data. Knowledge Infusion works with organizations on a global basis to ensure a solid master data management strategy. In addition, They look at HR and payroll transactions and ensure they are processed in the most effective and efficient manner. As enterprises continue to focus on leveraging data in a more global manner, this is an area of the HR function that will continue to rise in importance. With a solid master data strategy and plan, the HR organization serves a key role in ensuring data flows seamlessly through the enterprise.

Talent Management

Talent Management is much more than a buzzword; it truly defines the success of a strategic HR function. Knowledge Infusion takes great pride in its holistic approach to talent management that is unparalleled in the industry. Talent Management begins with a workforce plan, and continues with a solid talent acquisition strategy through a solid onboarding experience and true integration into the core HR employee process. As They grow and develop the workforce, performance management, succession management, the talent profile, and learning management functions each play a role in developing and retaining the workforce.  With a solid talent management strategy and plan, the HR organization can now blend its core HR information with strategic talent information to truly help the business understand the supply and demand of talent both short and long term.

Workforce Planning – Creating the supply and demand strategy of labor both short and long term

Talent Acquisition – The process of finding the right talent at the right time from both inside and outside the organization

Onboarding – The cultural continuance process of making yTheir labor as productive as possible, using the least amount of time and manual processes

Performance Management – The continual measurement, monitoring, and adjusting of yTheir talent pools

Succession Management – The planning for the future of key positions and talent pools within the organization

Mobility and Pipeline Management – The management and movement of the supply and demand of critical talent across the organization

Talent Profile – Creating the “baseball card” view of yTheir labor at an individual employee level

Compensation – Creating and administering rewards to retain the right workforce

Enterprise Collaboration and Portal

A key ingredient to a successful deployment of HR process and technology is through the ease and value delivered to the workforce. The technologies of today need to be workforce-facing and truly empoTheyr the workforce to own their data, and allow the HR function to use this data in a strategic manner. By empoTheyring the workforce with easy-to-use tools that add value to their work and life balance, organizations can truly drive workforce engagement and employee collaboration at the same time as making manual processes more efficient. This rapidly-changing area is one of the most frequently ignored areas of HR technology and truly is one of the most important.

Talent Intelligence

The ability to deliver meaningful information to all levels of the organization with the appropriate level of detail combined with recommended actions surrounding that data gives the HR function a key strategic advantage against its competition, and truly gets HR a “seat at the executive table” in terms of providing proactive value to the business.  There is no organization in the world today that has all of its people data in a single sTheirce; therefore the need to have a strategy around workforce intelligence is critical to drive decisions at all levels.  From transactional reporting to the true correlation of people data with business data, a comprehensive talent intelligence strategy and plan complete the holistic approach to a HR technology strategy and plan.